Appointment system changes

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Starting Thursday the 25th of January we will be implementing a new triage appointment system. You will no longer be required to call the surgery at 08:30 for an appointment, you will submit a medical query online from 08:30 directly to the GP. The GP will triage your medical query and decide the most appropriate course of action. This change is aimed at improving our ability to respond to your healthcare needs promptly and efficiently.

What is the new triage appointment system?

The triage appointment system is a way for us to better understand your healthcare concerns and schedule appointments based on the urgency of your needs. When you submit a request you will be asked a few questions to help determine the most appropriate time and type of appointment for you.

Any patients who do not have access to the internet or has difficulty will be able to contact our reception team.

How will it benefit you?

This new system is designed to offer:

Quicker access to appointments: By understanding the urgency of your situation, we can schedule appointments more efficiently, ensuring that you get the care you need when you need it.

Improved coordination: The triage system allows us to better coordinate our schedule to accommodate both urgent and routine appointments, reducing waiting times.

We believe the new system will significantly increase overall capacity. These changes are also not optional – NHS England have mandated that we make these changes to improve patients experience.

We understand that change can be a little challenging, but we believe that this new system will make your experience with The Borchardt Medical Centre even better. We will also continue to learn and improve the system.

If you have any questions or concerns about the new triage appointment system, please feel free to reach out to our front desk staff. Feedback is much appreciated.