Measles cases are rising in Manchester

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Measles cases have increased throughout the country. Measles is one of the most infectious viruses that exists – it spreads really quickly and easily and people can become very ill and even die from it. (It can be dangerous in particular for adults, babies and it can also harm babies in the womb).

Two doses of a vaccine (injection) called MMR can protect against Measles and also Mumps and Rubella. This is all FREE through the NHS.

It’s REALLY important that people know they can choose to have a vaccine that does NOT contain any pork or animal products. They can simply ask their GP.

There is no link between autism and the vaccine. Previous claims made 20 years ago have been discredited and disproven.

If people don’t know if they/ their child has been vaccinated they can ask their GP to check to their records. It won’t harm people to have an additional MMR vaccine if they are unsure if had it before – and we’d encourage this.

Thank you for your help.

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