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Welcome to the Borchardt Medical Centre website. We are an extremely popular practice based in Manchester working in alignment with the NHS Constitution:

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Our clinical team consists of GP’s, Nurse Practitioner, Practice Nurse and an Assistant Practitioner – all dedicated to helping to manage your health as part of our commitment to keeping our knowledge up to date we are also a training and teaching practice with GP Registrars and Medical Students.

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Dr Borchardt

Our Practice bears the name of its founding Doctor with immense pride.Dr Karlheinz Borchardt started his Practice over 64 years ago in 1948 after being demobbed following World War 2.

Prior to this he had an extraordinary life.

Dr Borchardt was Jewish and he started out as a Doctor in Berlin in the 1930’s. Following the rise of the Nazi Party he fled Berlin to set up in Milan. Mussolini then rose to power and he had to flee again, starting out once more in France. With the outbreak of the war he left France and joined the British, fighting with Montgomery’s 8th Army in North Africa.

Unfortunately his wife was captured and sent to a prison camp in Poland, her crime being married to a Jew. After the end of the war he searched for his wife and they were reunited after the Russians freed her from the prison camp.

Dr Borchardt and his wife then came to the UK and settled in Withington, Manchester setting up a General Practice in Burton Road where he worked looking after the local people until his retirement when he was in his mid 70’s.

Dr Borchardt was and remained a painter and music lover until his death in 1989.

We at the Practice are proud that his work has carried on and that the practice that bears his name still reflects all he stood for.